Digital Transformation, Enhancing the Visitor Experience at Retail Show Exhibition (Case Study #3)

SCART Exhibition Solutions

About: Golden Business Magazine, as the organizer of the esteemed Iran Retail Show, has played a pivotal role in shaping and advancing the retail industry in Iran. Established in 2012, the Golden Trade Monthly, under the visionary leadership of Shahrokh Keshavarz, has emerged as a pivotal player, specializing in content production and publishing of Iran’s leading monthly magazine dedicated to shopping centers and top brands. This initiative has not only become a recognized authority in the Iranian retail sector but has also cultivated valuable relationships with key industry stakeholders.

The Golden Trade Monthly proudly represents Iran as the official representative of the Association of Middle East Shopping Centers within the International Organization of MECSC (Middle East Council of Shopping Centers). This affiliation underscores its status as a trusted and respected voice within the retail community.

In collaboration with Iran Retail Show, an annual event hosted by the magazine, the Golden Trade Monthly has actively contributed to the growth and recognition of the Iranian retail landscape. One significant milestone in this journey was witnessed in 2020 and 2021 when the Iran Retail Show showcased the Scart indoor navigation solution, a groundbreaking technology introduced to enhance the retail experience for both shoppers and businesses.

Golden Trade’s commitment to the industry extends beyond publication. It organizes an annual conference that celebrates and acknowledges the achievements of top-performing shopping centers and brands. These prestigious awards, bestowed by the Golden Trade Institute, have become a symbol of excellence within the retail sector.

Furthermore, Golden Trade Magazine has nurtured the largest B2B network in Iran’s retail industry, facilitating invaluable connections and collaborations among professionals. Its educational workshops on retail and F&B management have also garnered significant attention, attracting over 400 shopping mall owners and managers each year.

Golden Business Magazine, as the sole organizer of the Iran Retail Show, continues to be a driving force in transforming the retail landscape in Iran. Through its initiatives, it has not only fueled industry growth but also promoted a culture of excellence, making significant strides in shaping the future of retail in the region.

Requirements: Functional requirements for the application: Floor plans and a map showing all the companies’ booths location in the building; Ability to check events; Ability to check news; Getting access to companies contacts; User can see current location indoors and outdoors in the show area; Users get guidance help to key places; Categorized locations search for finding places. The functional requirements were set at the start of the project, keeping in mind the exhibition needs. There were several meetings and panels with different show representatives and retail company managers to discuss possible trends in the retail industry after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Solution:

Convention centers often host a variety of events throughout the year, including concerts, exhibits, conventions, bazaars, and trade shows. Because they have flexible layouts, they need an indoor mapping solution that’s just as versatile and helps with event management. Implementing an indoor mapping solution that provides real-time indoor navigation is essential at these events, especially considering how chaotic and crowded they can get. Mapping and positioning software helps attendees find the booths that they’re looking for easily, with step-by-step directions from any point in the convention center. Data collection is one of the strongest use cases here. As an event or facility manager, you can see which brands or areas get the most foot traffic. This helps you optimize your layout to encourage attendee flow and avoid congestion.

Scart delivered a turnkey solution to the Iran Retail Show: a responsive web app to provide visitors with an interactive map to search, discover, and find their way around the trade show. As a pre-built solution, the Convention Center map was easily and quickly embedded into their website and included wayfinding features such as floating labels, category listings, top locations, and an outdoor map.


The implementation of Scart’s innovative indoor mapping solution paid dividends through increased engagement and satisfaction from Iran Retail Show attendees and organizers alike, as evidenced by:

  • The project was delivered in just 3 days’ time
  • The map attracted thousands of route searches during the show, making it one of the most popular pages on the Iran Retail Show website.
  • Satisfaction by both the exhibition staff and visitors

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