Revolutionizing Material Flow: Scart’s Smart Solution for Zarrin Roya’s Production Supply (Case Study #2)

Project Owner: Zarrin Roya Industrial Group

Zarin Roya Asset Tracking

About: Zarrin Roya Industrial Group operates under the banner of preserving the value of life. They are a united family driven by a commitment to ethical and intellectual values, including care, growth, self-love, and respect, fostering strong bonds within their community. Their mission revolves around enhancing the quality of life and recognizing its inherent preciousness.

Quality Commitment

Their journey began in 1992, specializing in children’s plastic dinnerware and sanitary products. In 2003, they expanded into cellulose industries, introducing MyBaby™ baby diapers. In 2004, due to high demand, they launched My Lady™ sanitary pads. In 2012, adult diapers joined their portfolio, all dedicated to enriching lives.

Global Vision

While firmly rooted in Iran, they possess a global perspective. They export their products to neighbouring countries and the CIS, with ongoing efforts to extend their reach to the African continent, acknowledging the universal appeal of their offerings.

A Unified Family

As a family-driven enterprise, its core mission is to provide comfort and efficient solutions that glorify the values of life and strengthen family bonds across the country. They firmly believe that their journey towards success begins by holding each other’s hands and fostering open minds and hearts, all while cherishing the preciousness of life.

Requirements: Zarrin Roya Industrial Group faced several critical challenges in its operations, necessitating a comprehensive solution:

Digital Truck Delivery Tracking: They needed a system to record truck delivery times and standing durations accurately. This was crucial for their production supply chain, as it ensured timely deliveries and minimized penalties for exceeding time slots.

Penalty Avoidance: The company faced contractual penalties in transport law for delayed deliveries, as these disruptions affected subsequent processes. A solution was needed to prevent these penalties and maintain smooth operations.

Just-in-Time Dependencies: As a company relying on “just-in-time” deliveries, Zarrin Roya needed a consistent and reliable system to track the arrival times of incoming goods. Inaccurate time recording could result in unwanted costs and put them at a disadvantage.

FIFO Compliance: Correctly occupying FIFO (first in, first out) tracks was essential for their production supply. An efficient system was required to ensure accurate FIFO management.

High Turnover Rates: With high turnover rates, monitoring the number of containers handled was challenging. Fluctuations in material flow could lead to production delays, emphasizing the need for real-time tracking and control.

Zarrin Roya sought a solution to optimize their incoming goods processes, monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) related to container turnovers, and enhance their overall supply chain management and logistics operations. The objective was to ensure timely deliveries, minimize penalties, and maintain efficient production supplies to meet their high turnover demands. Scart stepped in to implement the solution and address these critical needs effectively.

Scart RTLS Kit and Position Router Antennas
SCART Beacon

Our Solution:

  1. Streamlined Goods Receipt Process

Scart introduced a digital forklift support system based on the FIFO (First-In-First-Out) principle to optimize the goods receipt process. Each forklift truck involved in unloading operations was equipped with a tablet and RTLS Kit. Through the RTLS Kit, forklift operators received real-time instructions on which trucks needed unloading in prioritized order. Simultaneously, the app provided a live overview of the unloading progress, including the number of units unloaded from each container.

Additionally, Scart’s solution included a digital real-time system for tracking truck standing times. The system created a digital proof of the exact truck standing times by comparing the estimated unloading time based on the delivery bill with the actual unloading duration monitored through the app. This capability allowed for better cost management, as prolonged truck standing times could lead to additional expenses.

  1. Efficient Buffer Zone Management

Scart’s RTLS Kit Transport Driver guided forklift drivers to allocate incoming goods to specific FIFO lanes in the buffer zone during the unloading process. Additionally, according to the FIFO principle, a monitor placed in the goods receiving (buffer) area displayed which container occupied each goods receiving lane.

  1. Warehouse Storage and Production Line Material Supply

Following unloading, goods were stored in the warehouse. A continuous demand for materials from the production line, often following a Just-in-Sequence (JIS) or Just-in-Time (JIT) model, required efficient material supply processes. Route trains were loaded with the requested materials and transported to the production line.

  1. Digital Shopfloor Management

Scart implemented tracking boards in various warehouse areas to enhance productivity and ensure compliance with handling targets. These boards measured key metrics, including material units handled, in real-time. This data empowered shift supervisors to coordinate forklifts and route train fleets efficiently.

The digital shop floor management system received real-time information, allowing for immediate adjustments based on workload. It displayed and monitored the number of containers handled per hour in relation to the hourly target, ensuring optimal throughput.

Scart’s comprehensive solution streamlined material flow management and provided real-time visibility into crucial metrics, enabling Zarrin Roya to enhance productivity and cost-effectiveness throughout its operations.


By implementing Scart’s RTLS Kit Transport Driver, Zarrin Roya realized significant improvements across various aspects of their operations:

  1. Enhanced Goods Receipt Optimization:
  • Improved process reliability in goods receipt processing, ensuring correct, complete, and digital process recording and booking.
  • Precisely recorded and logged truck standing times based on real-time location data, ensuring the highest level of process accuracy.
  • Accurate supply of the FIFO lanes, promoting efficient inventory management.
  1. Efficient “Just-in-Time” Production Supply Control:
  • Continuous monitoring of container handling figures enabled rapid responses to fluctuations in material supply, ensuring uninterrupted production.

Key Benefits Achieved:

  • Automated and seamless recording during the inbound process resulted in a remarkable 30% reduction in personnel costs.
  • Reconciliation with truck standing time logs helped Zarrin Roya avoid annual penalties, leading to significant cost savings.
  • Measurable improvements in ramp management (inbound) efficiency were achieved through digital forklift support, following the FIFO principle.
  • The optimization of production supply was realized through real-time recording of transport and container handling data on digital tracking boards. Shift supervisors gained the ability to react promptly and effectively to deviations and fluctuations in target values. Resource allocation and coordination were optimized, allowing for quicker compensation of fluctuations and immediate identification of disruptions within the process.

Scart’s solution delivered substantial cost savings and provided Zarrin Roya with the tools to maintain efficient and responsive operations, ensuring the continuous flow of materials for their production needs.