Revolutionizing Shopping with Indoor Wayfinding at Hyperstar Department Store (Case Study #1)

Project owner: Hyperstar, A Carrefour Subsidiary in Iran

About: In 2009, Hyperstar left an indelible mark on the Iranian hypermarket landscape. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to offering unbeatable customer choice, uncompromising quality, and unmatched value, Hyperstar has become a household name, the embodiment of excellence in retail.

Its unique promise lies at the heart of Hyperstar’s distinction: a lowest-price guarantee on FMCG items, reaffirming its unassailable position as an industry trailblazer.

But that’s not all. Hyperstar is a multifaceted retail powerhouse with a diverse array of departments, each catering to distinct customer needs:

  • FMCG: Offering a comprehensive spectrum of essential consumer goods.
  • Fresh Market: Daily delivery of fresh produce and daily essentials, ensuring utmost freshness.
  • Light Household: A haven for top-quality kitchen appliances, stationery, and more, curated to elevate your everyday living.
  • Heavy Household: An unyielding commitment to competitive pricing for digital goods, providing cutting-edge technology at your fingertips.
  • Textile, Bed, and Bath: A realm where excellence in quality harmoniously intertwines with affordability, enhancing your lifestyle.
  • Online Shopping: Embarking on a journey of seamless online shopping through the user-friendly Snapp Market platform.

In a world of choices, Hyperstar is the beacon of reliability, quality, and affordability, a destination where shopping transcends mere transactions, transforming into an experience to cherish.

Requirements: Every shopper at Hyperstar’s bustling city market spends an average of 80 minutes navigating the vast retail landscape. Recognizing the immense potential in optimizing this valuable time, Hyperstar’s former CEO, Thierry Joulin, sought our expertise to transform the shopping journey. Our mission: Design a system that not only enables shoppers to effortlessly locate their desired products in this expansive space but also streamlines their shopping routes, ensuring efficiency and preventing return trips to the basket. Furthermore, we explored the added advantages of our solution, including boosting basket sizes by 40%, enhancing self-checkout through integrated payment solutions, and generating data-driven insights to optimize store layouts for a more productive shopping experience.

Our solution: Our proposed solution encompassed a hardware revolution featuring the strategic deployment of cutting-edge technology. We orchestrated the installation and seamless implementation of essential hardware components, notably beacons and other advanced devices, within a designated 10,000 square meter pilot area in the Light Household section. This transformative hardware infrastructure laid the foundation for a groundbreaking indoor positioning and wayfinding system.

But that’s just the beginning. Our ingenious solution extended beyond navigation alone. We introduced a proximity advertisement solution that would captivate and engage shoppers like never before. This comprehensive approach aimed to revolutionize every facet of the shopping experience within Hyperstar’s colossal retail space.

To prove its mettle and showcase its unparalleled potential, we embarked on a daring pilot project. Here, within the confines of the pilot area, we unveiled the power of our innovative system. The pilot project served as a captivating demonstration, showcasing the remarkable results of our cutting-edge technology.

The crescendo of this success story: Hyperstar’s astute management recognized the immense value our solution brought to the table. With their resounding approval, the project was poised for its grand unveiling. The plan encompassed the full-scale deployment of our game-changing technology, not merely within the pilot area but across the vast expanse of the entire 40,000 square meter shopping area, accompanied by a sprawling 20,000 square meter inventory area.

This bold move heralded a new era in shopping, where innovation and technology converged to create an unrivalled shopping experience, benefitting both Hyperstar and its discerning customers.

Our comprehensive solution consisted of:

  1. Indoor Wayfinding: We installed beacons and other devices in a 10,000-square-meter area as a pilot. Shoppers could easily locate products, departments, and promotions using a mobile app. The app is integrated with cart tablets for a seamless experience.
  2. Real-Time Routing: Shoppers could create optimized routes, ensuring they covered the store efficiently without backtracking.
  3. Location-Based Advertisements: Users received tailored ads offering special deals based on their location within the store.
  4. Loyalty Program: We introduced a loyalty program that rewarded shoppers with points and personalized offers, considering their purchase history and shopping patterns.
  5. Data-Driven Insights: Our solution provided Hyperstar with actionable insights, including heat maps and abandoned cart data, to further improve store layout and promotions.

Implementation: In a remarkable feat of execution, we seamlessly brought our visionary solution to life. The culmination of our efforts resulted in the successful implementation of a revolutionary system that would redefine shopping within Hyperstar.

The centrepiece of our technological marvel: a cutting-edge tablet application. With meticulous attention to detail, we painstakingly crafted this digital companion, empowering it with a plethora of features that would leave shoppers astounded.

Inside this digital wonder, we meticulously cataloged a staggering 42,000 SKU products. Each item was meticulously accompanied by comprehensive descriptions, vivid images, enticing prices, and precise locations within the sprawling labyrinth of Hyperstar.

But that’s not all. We further equipped the application with a robust search tool, ensuring that every sought-after product was just a tap away. The marvel didn’t stop there; an ingenious indoor positioning and wayfinding system seamlessly guided shoppers through the vast expanse of the store, making every shopping excursion a breeze.

We didn’t just stop at navigation. Our system featured an intricate routing system, ensuring that shoppers traversed the store’s aisles with maximum efficiency and minimum retracing of steps.

The brilliance of our system: It wasn’t just a one-way street. We incorporated an astute location data collection mechanism, continuously gathering valuable insights from the foot traffic within Hyperstar. This wealth of data fueled our dynamic heat map, providing a real-time snapshot of customer movements and preferences.

And let’s not forget the advertising realm. Our solution offered a treasure trove of advertisement options – a total of 10 diverse choices that would engage shoppers like never before. These included captivating full-page videos, strategically placed location-based ads, premium advertisements gracing the pages, and search ads that aligned seamlessly with shopper intent.

In essence, our implementation transformed Hyperstar’s retail landscape into a tech-savvy haven where innovation, convenience, and engagement seamlessly converged.


Contract Status: Under our agreement, we received real-time product data updates to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of the solution. The successful pilot set the stage for the full deployment of this innovative indoor wayfinding solution across Hyperstar’s entire shopping area, benefiting both shoppers and the retail giant itself.

SCART Demo at Hyperstar